Spotlight on Acting Instructor: Andy Malone

At MAX Agency, your success is our success. That’s why we invest our time and money in you by providing you with free Audition Technique Classes. If you have been evaluated and meet our standards as a model or actor, we will train you. Andy Malone is one of the instructors you may work with. Read about his stellar background below:

Andy Malone

Born Sept 20th 1984 and originally from Newfoundland Canada, Andy Malone has accomplished a lot in his diverse career. Andy discovered acting as an early teen in junior high and hasn’t stopped since completing a four year fine arts university degree in the performing arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

During his final year studying the performing arts, Andy began work on a theatre company with his University colleague and named the company Act One Inc. becoming the co-owner, co-artistic director, and president of the company. For his two year run as president, Andy had produced, written, directed, and performed in various stage plays and has taught theatre to various young students as part of a summer program. That same summer, Andy had closely work shopped with children that had learning disabilities to have the opportunity to express themselves through art.

In Calgary, Alberta at the age of 23 , Andy became an acting coach for the film academy John Robert Powers. Here he had taught various forms of film/T.V acting as well as improvisation, scene study and character development courses. During this time, Andy also became an acting coach for the international event IPOP (International Presentation Of Performers) as well as being contracted by an American based talent Agency, named Nova Talent, to represent Canada as an acting coach for the W.C.O.P.A ( World Championship of Performing Arts). That same summer, Andy had closely worked with many industry professionals such as coaching with A.J Trauth from the hit Disney show
Even Stevens, nickelodeon actor Matthew Underwood and had his students audition for reputable L.A casting director Joe Lorenzo.

Now Living in Toronto, Andy works regularly in the Independent Film Industry as a professional Actor In Television, Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Documentaries, and is currently working on self written, and produced projects ranging from live performance to episodic series and films. Some of Andy’s Films have already won awards at various small scale medium scale and larger scale film

Andy Malone: IMDB

More information at The Talent Academy

“Selma was great to work with!” – Hamilton Theatrical Company

“Selma O was gorgeous and great to work with! The costumes looked beautiful on her. Thank you for all of your help!”

– Danielle Fraser of the Hamilton Theatrical Company (catalogue shoot)

“Diana was a total professional!” – Testimonial from the Director of ‘Dark Powers’

Diana S

“We filmed Diana for three days. Diana was a total professional. She did a fantastic job and everyone on the entire cast and crew liked her very much. We’re all convinced this will be a breakout role for her. Thank you for all your help.”

– David Manocchio, Director of the film ‘Dark Powers’ regarding Diana S’s role in the movie


Q: Why doesn’t Max Agency have any registration fees?

Max Agency is a principal television, film , modeling agency, and our success depends on that of our talent. If we meet with you and we are interested in working with you, it’s because your ability to impress us, will undoubtedly do the same with any casting director you may encounter during your auditions.

MAX Agency is succesful because of our talent. We depend on our talent to land bookings for the growth of our business and our brand, therefore it’s in our best interest to have our models and actors succeed!

Q. Why are there no training fees at MAX Agency?

Max Agency does not have any training fees because we invest in our talent to ensure they succeed. Every model or actor that is signed to the agency has to complete acting classes that focus on audition techniques.

These classes are once a week, for four weeks and are paid for by the agency. The classes are taught by industry professionals that presently work in the TV, film, modeling industry, to guarantee that our talent receive the best training possible. These workshops are designed for beginners, and prepares them for their first audition and helps build their confidence so they will be able to hold their own against veteran actors.

We cover and provide training classes for our talent because their success is our primary interest.